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We offer a number of innovative supply chain solutions to support your business, as well as manufacturing gaskets to meet all your sealing needs. 

We operate across a range of sectors including automotive, defence, vacuum technology and industrial to provide a distinct set of innovative supply chain solutions, kitting and assembly services. 

With facilities in the UK and Czech Republic, our reach and expertise is international. We are a forward thinking, specialist manufacturer that delivers value.

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Our experience has given us the in-depth knowledge needed to make a real contribution, whether we’re working with large blue-chip businesses, or smaller niche organisations. 

Whatever your product, solution or supply chain needs,

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PSC Global's services

Find out more about our range of services and how we help our clients. 

The specialist gasket manufacturers


Gaskets are a flexible part that sits between two joined surfaces to create an impermeable barrier and prevent leakage or contamination between them when they’re under compression. We provide specialist gaskets for our customers in a wide range of sectors and services.

Our cutting edge equipment and years of experience means we can provide custom, bespoke gaskets for our customers.

Read how our gasket specialists can help you.

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Kitting and assembly specialists


We are experts in assembly, sub-assembly and kitting and our specalised processes offer numerous efficiency, resourcing and financial benefits for our customers. 

Our dedicated assembly areas in our UK and Czech Republic facilities mean we can offer standard operating procedures and scalable services.

By working with our specialists, your business can enjoy streamlined processes, better collaboration and increased customer satisfaction.

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Specialist supply chain management skills


Supply chains and their intricacies vary extensively depending on the specific geographies, products, suppliers and customers involved. Each has its own stages, interdependencies, management systems and scope. These complex procedures require specialist skills to navigate. PSC Global has years of experience to make this process as smooth as possible for our customers.

We’re supply chain management experts so you’ll enjoy complete confidence your products and kits will be of identical, exceptional quality time after time, on time, and in the quantities you need. 

Find out more from our team of supply chain specialists today.

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The outsourced warehousing specialists 


PSC Global offers our clients our expert services in outsourced or third-party warehousing and distribution. We’re also specialists in 3PL, managing the movement and storage of your business’ goods and orders. 

We can scale and customise services to meet your specific needs, whether a single demand or multiple requirements, across various aspects of your supply chain to improve operational, financial and customer fulfilment performance.

To reap the benefits of swifter, sleeker and smarter operations, read how our outsourced warehousing specialists can help you too.

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Speed and efficiency at every step of your supply chain cycle. 

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